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Thank you everyone for taking out your valuable time and reviewing OLMJ. 


When a beautiful soul surrounds you... you start feeling beautiful from within. Such vibes we get from Nilima Amit. A very generous and kind hearted lady. Her talk just drives us away towards positivity. Thanks a lot dear for quickly accepting my invite to come and talk to my office team. We eagerly wait to hear from you again and again.
- Payal Rathi
My review today goes to very positive lady and one of from I m very impressed lady Nilima Banthia-Surve , she is so positive that when you r around her you also feel positive. So this is about children's empowerment workshop which Nilima is helding at her place. Workshop is about - Boredom, time management, anger management,role model, fearlessness, How to choose a friend ,meditation and much more. I can see a positive changes in my daughter's behaviour, she started sharing her feelings to me (which she never ever did before) thanks a lot Nilima for this. She is taking responsibility of her studies on her own, she made a rule no mobile and TV while eating, she makes sure everyone should follow this, that is also a good sign, she comes to know why not lie to parents, what to find in a friend . Thank you so much Nilima for this positive change in my daughter. I will recommend everyone about this workshop. She also took a free session for parents about how to react with kids. Thank you so much !
- Kavita
The Magic Workshop - Sep ✨ I was introduced to this workshop by my dear friend Nilofer Vasaya. It's a 28 days FREE Workshop on WhatsApp, in which Nilima ma'am gives very simple exercises to do daily. I used to do it on daily basis. Slowly I could feel many positive changes in myself. So blessed to be able to do this workshop. I have again enrolled myself for Oct Month. Thank you so much Nilima ma'am. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 😇😇😇 One Life Many Journeys is her page where she regularly posts about every month's workshop.
- Pooja Jhanjari
This review goes to none other than our sweet , calm n a happy person Nilima Banthia-Surve …I used to go through all her posts and her blogs…and after few days also got to know she is my younger sister's Seema Bhonge's School Classmate…phir to connection aur thoda badh gaya and I got an opportunity to have her as a speaker .
We IASAP ( Indian Association of Secretaries and Admin Professionals ) Pune Chapter. I am the current Chapter Chairperson…so we wanted to celebrate International Women's Day with a session on Work life and Self Balance # Balance for better…so i connected with Nilima and asked her if she can deliver a session for my members ( ours is a all and only ladies association) and she immediately said yes…and today we had her session…my heartfelt gratitude to Nilima to be with us …was very much appreciated and well taken…
-Uma Nandedkar
This review goes to Nilima Amit for her meditation audio. It's so pleasing and soothing, calm and peaceful. Keep up the good work Nilima. Lots of luv….
- Sheettal Sanghavi
This one is for you dear Nilima Oh BHAGWAN shower ur first blessings on her who is spreading her positive vibes to the world around, Oh DEVA shower ur love on NILIMA who is being blessed daily by people like me n gift her prosperity in pounds n pounds, I know her from a couple of months but feel like there is a close connect, I haven't yet met her but will really want us to have a interact.. She has taken an initiative to spread love,peace n prosperity, And I'm sure that what she is giving to the surrounding is gonna come in multiples n with dignity.. Hey MAHAVEERA let my friend be a channel to spread LOVE, DEVINE GUIDANCE,PEACE around. Thank u Nilima to be a part of my life. You will always be in my prayer list n in my list of gratitude
- Shilpa Patwa - Magic Group
Thanks Nilima! For me, it was a eye opener as much as a revelation. There are small and big miracles all around us every moment everyday but we take them all for granted, let alone having gratitude towards them.
What this experience and you have done is not only bring this conscious awareness back but also value every small/big thing that serves us. This feeling of awareness not only fills you with gratitude, inspiration and humility but it is the best gift anyone can receive.
Your efforts are very much appreciated. Thank You!!
-Ashish Banthia - Magic group​
Thanks nilima thank you so much for this exercise, I have no idea that I could make good relationship with my in laws even I don't want to keep the good relationship, yes it is weird but trust me when u gave the exercise to choose to make good relationship I didn't choose them though I just gave gratitude to my in laws for their support and I am truly grateful for them though I don't want to keep good relationship because of their attitude and mine too. But don't know how it came to my mind to go to their place and meet them and they also behaved nicely. I never thought it could be happen. Thank you so much for this I hope it will always make me down to earth and understand others situations too.
-Shweta - Magic group​
The review for today is for lovely soul Nilima Amit
I read on fb about her 28days free practice and thought of giving it a try.
I tried it the first time in april for a few days and because of not keeping well, i stopped it between but i was wishing to complete it after a long talk with Nilima. She was so patient in listening to me and my worries and asked me to trust myself and the process.
So in may I started again and it was an amazing experience. We tend to forget so many small things we are grateful for and this a a beautiful reminder of what we should focus on, instead of focusing on the lack in life.
Hats of to One Life Many Journeys for continuing good work.
Thank you Thank you Thank you
-Rashi Rathi​
प्रत्येक वेळी रिव्व्ह्यू लिहिला की , त्याचे फोटो असलेच पाहिजेत असे नाहीये, असाच आजचा एक रिव्ह्यू तो म्हणजे माझी सर्वोत्तम #लाईफकोच #फ्रेंडकोच #निलिमा
हिच्याबद्दल सांगायचे म्हणजे लहान तोंडी मोठा घास, आणि तहानलेला पाण्यापाशी जाणार, का विहीर तहानलेल्या पाशी येणार, माझ्याबाबतीत दोन्ही गोष्टी खऱ्या आहेत, 👍
तर ही काय करते - सांगते ऐका
१. मेडिटेशन शिकवते
२. रेकी देते
३. पॉजिटीव्ह एनर्जी चा स्रोत नाही महास्रोत आहे
४. द्विधा अवस्थेत असल्यास हिच्याकडे जालीम उपाय असतात , जे तुमच्याच बाजूने काम करतात.
माझ्या सासूबाईंची तब्येत मध्यंतरी बरीच खालावली होती, हिने सतत आठ दिवस रेकी दिली, तब्येत सुधारली म्हणण्यापेक्षा तब्येत स्टेबल झाली, 2-2 वाक्यं बोलायला लागल्या , ह्या आणि अशाच आणि ह्या हुन ही जास्त बाबतीत तिचा मदतीचा हात नेहमी वर असतो
हिचे मेडिटेशन चे वर्कशॉप असतात ते मला वेळेच्या फरकामुळे करायला मिळाले नाहीत, पण तिच्याकडून कधीही आणि केव्हा ही टिप्स मिळत असतात, पोजिटिव्ह अफरमेशन असो वा विचारांची दिशा कशी सकारात्मक ठेवायची आणि मग त्यातून मिळविलेल्या यशावर ही हक्क न गाजवणारी, वर अजून प्रोत्साहन देणारी अशी ही मिश्किल आणि शांत स्वभावाची मैत्रीण म्हणजे निलिमा 👍 तुम्ही त्रस्त आहात , तुम्ही नाउमेद झालात , काही गोष्टी अडकून पडल्यात, काही निर्णय घेणे अवघड जातंय, मनात नकारात्मक भावना आहेत सतत विचार करून डोके फुटायला आलंय, तब्येतीवर परिणाम झाला आहे का, आप्तेष्टांचा त्रास झालाय, किंवा घरच्या भावंडांचा त्रास आहे, तंटे आहेत का ?
ह्या आणि भरपूर दुखो की दवा , म्हणजे फक्त निलिमा 👍
विश्वास ठेवा , आशा नको, कारण आशेत ही नकारात्मक लहरी असतात, विश्वासात सकारात्मकता आणि ध्येयपूर्तीसाठी उमेद असते , ऊर्जा असते! ऊर्जेचा भांडार म्हणजे निलिमा 👍💐
नैराश्य येते, नकारात्मक भावना दाटून येतात, अगदी समूळ नायनाट होत नाही, मान्य आहे पण त्याची टक्केवारी कमी करू शकतो ना आपण 👍 म्हणजेच काय तर नकारात्मक भावनांनी काही साध्य होत नाही, उलट त्या आणि अशा भावना बळावतात आणि मग आपण सतत नशिबाला दोष देतो...असे नाहीये...
एकदा हिच्या बोलून भेटून बघा , मृदू आवाजाचीच फॅन आहे मी हिच्या , ❤❤❤
- Mohini Kulkarni Watave
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