Testimonial 2

The first time when we spoke over phone, this very first thing that I noticed about her was her politeness. She is straight forward, yet soft spoken. She makes you feel so relaxed, that one will start feeling, they have absolute no problems in life or to put in other words no problem in life is everlasting & everything has a solution. She told me about 28 days “The Magic Workshop” which she said it’s absolutely FREE.

I did join the workshop, but frankly initially i thought it will really not fetch me any results, however after 3rd day of workshop i started experiencing magical results/incidences. Tomorrow is the 28th day and I see lot of changes in myself, my perspective towards life has changed.

Even though the workshop was absolutely free, i found Nilima very dedicated, supportive & helpful through all these days. I have seen many people who are good only for money or business purpose. But Nilima is a great & a pure Soul. God Bless You. No words to express my gratitude towards you.


By Rajshree Ranawade

Testimonial 2

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