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These books are touching lives and recommended by each one who has read it.  Do go through the reviews to see what our reader’s have to say about the book, and grab your own copy now!!

One Life Many Journeys

Open Secrets to blissful life

A book of journeys, stories, learnings, experiences, solutions, meditations and affirmations…

The Shakti Awakening

A collection of inspiring stories

24 stories from different authors that will heighten your capacity to find your purpose. This is OLMJ’s first co-authored work with amazing women around the globe.

Grab a copy of this life changing book and start your journey towards happiness right now…

The secrets Author has uncovered with you through this book will help you to make your life blissful and happy. 

After reading this book, even if you have ripples in life, you will not ask “WHY ME?” You would rather be able to come back to a calm and peaceful state like the serene lake very quickly.

The book helps you journal, find answers to questions for any given situations in life. The author also shares practices, meditations, affirmations and her story that would not only inspire you but would help you develop a way of life. 

There is a step by step guideline given with each practice. 

You can order a paperback by clicking link below:

One Life Many Journeys

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