My Punching Bag

Punching Bag is something we all need in our lives to vent out. I too had one as a child in the form of my elder cousin brother who stayed with us. I really don’t know what was I venting out on him but I have troubled him to the core. I feel so sorry and guilty today for all the torture I gave him as his little sister. Even though he is my cousin brother by relation but for me he is my real elder brother. The person whom I would fight with endlessly on any and everything.

I understood his real value when he decided to move out of home and stay in the hostel. I missed him so much then. I would wait the whole week for him to join us for dinner once a week. I must have cursed myself so many times as I thought he moved to the hostel as I would fight with him. Little did I know then that it was just a life progression.

He is one person whom I have missed the most in my life. He holds a very special place in my life.
I still remember how I fought, cried when he was teaching me division in my third grade. He would prepare my Bournvita every evening before I returned from school at the accurate temperature and still I would complain to irritate him that its too hot or too cold. My writing skills improved as he would correct my essays and guide me to write them better. I know when he reads this he is going to send me a list of corrections that I would need to do in this post. How we fought for the space in the cupboard and how I would dump my clothes in his section and spoil his ironed clothes. Today my cupboards are organised because I learnt it from him. He has been always a source of inspiration for me to do good in my studies, to grow as a human being.

Bhau I love you and you mean a lot to me. I still have all the letters you wrote to me. I also have the first gift you gave me from your own earning on Rakshabandhan when you were doing your article-ship for CA. Though I don’t have the whole tiffin box, I have one small tiffin from the whole assembly. That’s my treasure of life.

“I loved being your little sister. Yeah, just wanna say Thank You for being there. Love you!!”

My Punching Bag

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