My Journey with Miracles and Magic

Miracles and magic exists. Yes it does. Its all around us. We just need to change our perspective and everything just becomes Magical. When I was young I did not realize they are miracles and just took it for granted but as I grew up, I felt the Magic in my life had diminished. It so happened because I took it for granted, was never grateful for it nor did I acknowledge. Rather at the first chance I would find faults and complain about anything and everything. Though it had diminished it showed up in my life when I most needed it. Like when I and my husband met with an accident, but still I was ignorant and continued to be the same for a decade or so.
Until the biggest blow we got of our life.. we had to part with our house, business and everything else. There was no one to hold our hand … just the four of us.. me, my husband and our 2 little angels.. It looked like the darkest phase of our life but truly it was a Miracle.. We crossed over our EGO and stepped into our spiritual journey. Dr. Ghosh Sir introduced us to Kriya Yog and Mahavtar Babaji and since then these 2 things are integral part of our lives. Mahavtar Babaji held our hand and slowly and steadily as we instilled our faith and surrendered completely to him ..Miracles and magic returned to our life.
They returned to our life in the form of our parents, siblings, friends who helped us to stand back and come out of the dungeon we had fallen in.
Miracles started showing up in small small things like meeting a Rickshaw wale kaka who would drop me home daily after work at a very nominal cost then the actual meter reading. He would give me credit at the end of the month saying pay after you get your salary.   A dear friend coming and handing over 2 lakh and saying keep this I have extra you will need it. I don’t want interest nor there is any timeline to return the money. Another friend put a word to her friend in US for a job and miraculously it was the best fit job which scaled confidence and got affluence in our life.
Babaji showed up in each and every place and guided us to the right people, places, resources.
There infinite evidence of his presence in our life. We just have to speak out our desire, issue and ask for his help and guidance, fill our hearts with gratitude and surrender without doubt … a magic wand moves and there its done…
On 25th Dec., 2018 we visited Babaji’s Caves in Kukuchina in Uttarakhand. This is the cave where Babaji initiated Lahiri Mahasaya into Kriya Yog. We had been planning to visit for many years now. Just a matter of 10 days .. planned, booked and we arrived. Its a couple of hour walk to the caves from Kukuchina… As we headed towards the caves.. at one place where babaji’s photo is put up, there was a lady who called me out saying go from here. I went near her and she handed over handful of marigold flowers to my husband and two strong sticks to support us while climbing the mountain. She also asked her dog Sheru to accompany us to the caves. I have always been dead scared of dogs… but Sheru didn’t scare me a bit. Rather I spoke to him, touched him… I just felt it was Babaji who is with me. He was all along with us as we climbed.. He never led us. If we took the wrong path he would just go on the right path and sit. He would let us move ahead and just walk behind us. Wow what a life lesson I got.. Just be there and guide when required and you can carve your path. Thanks Sheru for giving me this lesson.. Every parent should do this with their children “Just be there and guide your children when required and let them carve their own path”.
When we reached the caves, Sheru sat outside the caves. There was one person who just got out of the caves. He was lighting a dhoop.. I always identify babaji’s presence with a sandalwood fragrance. What a wonderful way of Babaji to tell me that I am always with you!!! You guessed it right he lighted a sandalwood fragrant dhoop. He also shared his story of Babaji and local stories about the caves. He was from a nearby village. Sitting in the caves and meditating with my husband and kids was one of the best and most precious moments of my life. I guiding them through the meditation gave me an insight of the work I have to do ahead in my life.

After we were done and kids felt little hungry, I got my  pack of chaklis made by me out. We offered Sheru and he ate out of hand.. I feeding a dog with my hands was like another miracle in itself. He relished them. On our way down Sheru accompanied us and suddenly disappeared. We thought since we were walking slow he went back to the lady. We reached the lady’s house and as we handed the sticks and thanked her.. Sheru appeared from behind us.. He was watching us from a distance as we took our journey back to ensure we reach our destination safely.. One more life lesson. You don’t need to be visible always to be by someone’s side.

Sheru accompanied past his masters house to a lady who had fallen down on her way to the caves. Something in me just told me Nilima heal her. First time I proactively offered reiki healing to someone. She felt better and was on her feet after the healing. I felt as though Babaji is making the message loud and clear to me of being an healer and to help people around me to uplift them. Be his light worker.

Sheru thanks for all the life lessons.
Believe in Miracles and Magic..Its all around us… Feel it and Enjoy it.

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My Journey with Miracles and Magic

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