Dream Come True

Dreams.. I love to dream.. they make me feel alive, give me a purpose to move ahead and achieve them. I have achieved quiet a few of them in the past. We all have dreams and few of them look like impossible, not achievable to us. Similarly I too have such dreams, one of them being interviewed on Radio and the other was of addressing an audience which is kind of huge.. an auditorium full.
Both looked like distant dream to me until last month, last few days.

Destiny has its own plans for us and it gives us whatever we desire if we work towards it and become deserving. I lived my two dreams back to back on Wed 28th November 2018 and 29th November 2018. I addressed more than 200 students and teachers together on 28th November 2018 in a school where I would take sessions as a part of my work as a volunteer with LifeSchool’s Keep Moving Movement. I have been part of Keep Moving Movement for last 4 years. I have learnt and grown as a speaker and human being under the able guidance of our mentor Narendra Goidhani. I have been facing a class of 40-50 students for last 4 years but never more than that. There was this dream of taking it to a bigger audience and making an impact, living my fingerprints on the lives of these students. This year the school, I have been taking sessions at, invited me and my co-volunteers to address their students and teachers almost more than 200 of them. It was scary at first. But we decided to give our best and achieve and fulfill our dream. It was dream come true. Honored and overwhelmed.

Couple of days back one of the RJ’s from a well know radio station in my city connected with me and told me she would like to interview me as she wants to celebrate adoption month in her show. I instantaneously jumped at the opportunity as I was going to achieve 2 things. Firstly, live my dream of being on radio and secondly I was going to get a wide audience for creating adoption awareness which I have been doing in my own small way from a few years. I walked into the radio station yesterday, 29th November 2018, a little skeptical, will I be able to speak well but the RJ did a fantastic job with me. I recorded between 1.30-2 pm and I was on Air between 4-5 pm. Coincidentally that one hour had the best songs played on that radio channel. What more could I ask for .. I am humbled at the ways of the Universe.

I am speechless, grateful and all geared to do more better work and spread my message and my imprints far and wide. With Love, Gratitude and Blessings signing off for now.

Dream Come True

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