Compartments like a train…

A train has many compartment coach.. each compartment coach is linked with each other by a chain and a door or separator which once shut has no link with the other coach. What happens in one coach is not known to the other coach. Similarly is my mind… divided into fine compartment coaches. Its very easy for me to shut one and move to the other. No disturbance in one coach can affect the functioning of the other coach. Its very easy and comes naturally for me to shut and move to the other.

Would pen a few instances – When I was in college and I had a fight or breakup with my then boyfriend and now husband, I would still be at peace at home, do my studies and score the best marks. Once I would be at the study table what mattered to me was only my studies. I have consistently been in top 5 throughout my graduation and post graduation in-spite of any disturbance in the other compartments.
Once at work no problem back home with in-laws would stress me and affect my work.
Being at home does not make me worry of my office or work.

When my family or friends would say – “How come you don’t get stressed?”, “How can you focus and concentrate even after a fight?” , “How can u be so positive and smile even when u met with a life threatening accident?”, “How could you decide about adoption at the age of 12-13 and stick to it without a single doubt?”

Initially I wondered and then retrospected… Bingo.. it was like Eureka.. I was at first amazed and overwhelmed .. oh my God I can do this and I never realized it. Going a little more deeper, I felt it was because of Osho and the spiritual, meditative environment I spent my childhood in.
As a child, my parents would visit Osho Ashram at-least once a week and sometimes even more number of times. We would accompany them as staying at home alone as small kids was not an option. I remember we would play with our cousins and few friends who would tag along with their family and then would do some meditation dance and sit to hear the discourse by Osho… not even 5 minutes into the discourse and I would doze off till the end. Somewhere subconsciously all the discourses have impacted me. As a family, I have been witness to many spiritual discussions and family meditations as a child. All this have left its impressions on my subconscious and soul so deep.

These have created well defined compartments in my mind and I travel through them with ease, no extra effort required.

One this weekend of Thanksgiving .. my heartfelt gratitude to the Universe for this invaluable gift of compartments I have got. Blessed. Always blessed.

Compartments like a train…

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