Books – Once enemy and now Friends for life

I have never been an avid reader but as a child I would enjoy reading articles related to psychology. These was the only time I would be completely drowned in reading with my heart and soul in it. Other times I would try my best to pretend that am a avid reader..pick books which my friends are reading as I had a few friends who would read lot of fiction and narrate the stories to us at dusk just before we would return home after our daily evening play. I too wanted to be like them.. Peer pressure .. but I never managed to go ahead of 10-20 pages. Parents too tried their best to encourage me to read but in-vain. I had a friend who had a wall full of books.. whenever I would visit him, I would only read Tinkle.. that was only that interested me. The only books I had read was study books and for my children (unwillingly).

I have been surrounded by 2 men my husband and son .. avid readers but still I was just dusting the books and keeping them back in the shelf till 2012. In 2012 while dusting the books I saw this book “Unposted letter by Mahatria Ra” something attracted me , I opened the book and I was hooked. I had gifted my husband this book a year before. This book was a turning point. I fell in love with motivational, healing books and then there was no looking back. After Unposted Letter it was Most and More by the same author. Unposted letter was always on my became my go to book for each and everything. I gifted everyone around me this book. Then the books that I read are countless and I have a copy of all of them.

The books that I loved reading and follow in my day to day life are Unposted Letters, Most and More, The Secret, Magic, The Goddess Revolution, I Can, Zero Limits to name a few. Am glad to meet a few people who recommended me the right books at the time when I needed them the most in my life.

Each and every book has made me what I am today. Given me the attitude to live my life the right way. I have healed myself through these books. Found my passion for healing and making a difference to people through these books. Now I can relate why as a child I ran away from books and only articles related to human mind, healing would take me to another world while reading. I wish I could have identified my interest early in life and started this journey much before but I guess universe has its own ways and we should just flow with it. That is the MANTRA.

Today I love to read and I read a lot. I also gift lot of books. There are books for everyone’s interest, find your area of interest and am sure a cave of khazana will open for you as it opened for Alibaba in the story of Alibaba and 40 thieves.

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Books – Once enemy and now Friends for life

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