Balance with a PAUSE

Yes you read it right… PAUSE… Ask your body and soul what it is wanting at that moment. Try to listen, acknowledge, understand and provide that to your soul and body. This is what I feel is the balance.

We all read and come across lot of inspirational and motivational quotes and articles 24×7.. thanks to globalization and social media. Terms like ME Time, Pushing your envelope, Going an extra mile are the in things. We all get inspired and try to emulate this in our lives. At times we succeed, get satisfaction and just love the experience and sometimes we get exhausted, feel irritable with this. Quiet natural and normal. We all try to be super-humans.. but we forget that we all are very unique in our own ways and need different things to nourish our body and soul at different times.

We read about how someone continued exercising or trekked in-spite of having a broken leg or a back. This truly inspires us but sometimes our body might not be ready to push that envelop and we need to listen and give our body the time to heal and be ready to achieve that. There are times we feel inspired by a cousin or neighbor or someone on social media who is doing everything at the same time working, cooking, doing social service, partying till late night and running a marathon the next morning. That’s really commendable and we get inspired and want to follow it. But again the word which is important that is PAUSE . Ask will this really nourish and enrich my body and soul. How much of this will really make me happy and better. We all don’t have to do everything.

I have been there.. gone through it and then realized I don’t have to be a superhuman.. Just need to be a good human. I learnt to take a PAUSE and listen to my body and soul.. and give what they are longing for. It works wonders and gives the right BALANCE  required in our life. Our right balance need not be other persons right balance. So always look within. You will find your right balance and have a fulfilled, accomplished life now and forever.

Go ahead identify your PAUSE moments and strike the right BALANCE that is your own unique one. Have a PAUSED BALANCED Life and always stay happy and blessed. Love and Blessings.

Balance with a PAUSE

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